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#TrendWatch: (Post)Baby Bumps

Here at the GiveIt blog, we love sharing the latest celebrity baby news. Usually, that means gorgeous Hollywood nurseries, baby showers, and red carpet photos of pregnant stars showing off their baby bumps. But one “bump” trend that keeps showing up on our Instagram is the bump that’s left behind after the baby arrives! We’re…read more

The Best Gifts from Amazon’s Holiday Toy List

When the holidays roll around I head straight to to do my toy shopping. I can see all my options, compare prices, and read countless reviews all from the comfort of my home. One of my favorite Amazon features is their Holiday Toy List. It’s organized by Parent Picks, Kid Picks and Categories so…read more

Ask Cheryl: Does Wedding Attendance Affect Wedding Gift Value?

Today’s question comes from a reader in New York. She wants to know if the amount she spends on a wedding gift should be affected by whether or not she attends the wedding. Dear Cheryl, Is there a difference in what you give as a wedding gift if you attend the wedding versus sending a gift…read more

The Best Cyber Monday Deals for 2016

While Black Friday is known for some of the best shopping deals of the year, it’s also famous for big crowds, long lines and crazy shoppers. Cyber Monday now often has even better deals! Don’t start your shopping until you’ve checked our list for the best and Cyber Monday Deals. Cyber Monday week is also a…read more

Winter Wedding Accessories

Wow-Worthy Winter Wedding Accessories

  Raise your hand if you’ve ever zipped up a sleeveless dress for a winter wedding and rationalized it by thinking, “I’ll just run inside really fast.” For anyone who has done this, and then spent the rest of the night 1. Shivering; and 2. Covering up her dress with a man’s jacket: this post…read more

Top 10 Home Décor Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry from Macy’s |

Top 10 Home Décor Items to Add to Your Wedding Gift Registry

Today, we’ve teamed up with Macy’s to bring you Ten Home Décor Items for Your Wedding Gift Registry. Your guests will be happy to fill your home with stylish accessories handpicked by you. And you’ll love having gorgeous new home accessories! When it comes to your wedding gift registry, you’ve probably included small appliances, bath…read more

Ask Cheryl: Who pays for Destination Wedding Travel?

Today’s question comes from a mother-of-the-bride that is not sure which expenses for a destination wedding should be covered by the groom’s family. Hi Cheryl, My daughter is planning a destination wedding in Florence, Italy. Eight people in total are traveling: the bride and groom, both sets of parents, the best man and the maid…read more

Light and Healthy Thanksgiving Sides and Desserts

A traditional American Thanksgiving spread typically has an overabundance of mouthwatering, delectable dishes, and I love it! However, I don’t love the way it makes me feel so I set out to find light and healthy Thanksgiving sides and desserts. If you think about it, the Thanksgiving table features autumn’s best harvest- sweet fruits and flavorful…read more

Blake Lively’s maternity style

#TrendWatch: Sharing it All or Nothing at All

For all new parents, the pressure is on to publicize each detail of a little one’s arrival. Gone are the days when couples would share the news of their pregnancies and deliveries with close friends and family—now, couples dream up creative ways to announce their pregnancies, stage a gender reveal, and introduce their bundles of…read more

Ways to Help a New Mom | Newborn Photography | Visiting a New Mom

Seven Ways to Help a New Mom

We all know what to do when our friend is pregnant: we buy a gift from the baby registry, celebrate at a baby shower, and “like” all of her bump pics on Facebook. But once the baby arrives, friends may wonder how best to help. Below are my favorite tips for showing love to the…read more

Family Photography | Outdoor Pictures | Photography Tips

How to Capture the Perfect Family Photo

Family Photography Tips from the Professionals Every year, I look forward to pulling out the special box where I keep our friends’ and family’s holiday cards from Christmases past. I love that trip down memory lane, seeing our old hairstyles and matching outfits (because whose mom didn’t have the idea to wear jeans and a…read more

Ask Cheryl: Travel, Hotel and a Wedding Gift Too?

Wedding guests often wonder if they should give the couple a wedding gift even if they have to incur travel expenses to attend the wedding. Dear Cheryl, I am going to my nephew’s wedding celebration out of state. The couple is already married. I have to purchase a flight and a hotel room, so I’m wondering: am I…read more

Top 10 Macy’s Brands We Love | Lenox

Top 10 Brands We Love for Your Wedding Registry

If you’ve been reading our blog for any length of time, you know that we love Macy’s. They carry an extensive selection of housewares to fill every room in your home. They also have fabulous registry events and rewards. (I could go on and on, but I don’t want to waste your time, so if…read more

Bride’s Guide to Bridesmaids | Release Control |

A Bride’s Guide to Bridesmaids

Making Sure Your Bridesmaids Are Still Your Friends After the Big Day Dear Bride, Congratulations! We know you’ve always dreamed of your wedding day, and part of that dream is having your best friends stand by your side as you marry the love of your life! I’m here to make sure that those best friends…read more

Ask Cheryl: Shower for Baby Two: Too Soon?

Today’s question comes from a reader blessed with a second child within one year of having her first. She feels unsure about having another baby shower when her children are so close in age. Dear Cheryl, Are there any “rules” about the amount of time between baby showers? My son isn’t yet a year old,…read more