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Ask Cheryl: Should Adult Children Receive Their Own Wedding Invitation?

In today’s post, Jacqueline is concerned about wedding gift etiquette when it comes to adult children. However, the real issue is that the adult children should not have been included on their parent’s wedding invitation. Hi Cheryl, My niece is getting married in October. My sister and her husband are having a problem with what is expected…read more

Top 10 Fall Bridal Shower Ideas to fill your Fall Wedding Shower with vibrant colors, delightful flavors and lovely activities |

Top 10 Fall Bridal Shower Ideas

The temperatures are dropping, and the leaves are falling, but love is in bloom! If you’re hosting a bridal shower this fall, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve collected ten of the best ideas that can be used to fill your autumn soiree with vibrant colors, delightful flavors, and lovely activities! Bring the Outdoors…read more

Get a newlywed discount when your set up a wedding registry at Macy's

Five Reasons Why a Macy’s Registry is Magical

Modern brides and grooms have more registry options than ever before, so why do we recommend Macy’s? Other than the fact that your mom probably loves the coupons, we know that a Macy’s registry is a great starting point for every couple, and here’s why: 1. Perks and Privileges: When you walk into Macy’s to…read more

Ask Cheryl: Should You Give Yourself a Baby Shower?

In this week’s post, our reader wants to know if it’s OK for a mom-to-be to give herself a baby shower. Cheryl, When is it proper to give yourself a baby shower for a future baby, complete with a baby gift list (registry)? Seems a little gauche to me. Larry Hi Larry, Thank you for…read more

Fabulous Fall Shower Menus | Fall Brunch Menu | Are you planning a fall shower? Check out our Fall Shower Menus. Minimum effort + maximum flavor...we've carefully selected delicious, easy dishes that are filled with autumn's best flavors!

Fabulous Fall Shower Menu

I live in South Florida so one thing I miss is the change of seasons. Regardless of the temperature, fall is my favorite time of year. I love decorating my home, baking yummy treats filled with pumpkin spice, and hosting autumn-inspired parties. Today, I’m here to share two fantastic menus that are ready to use…read more

Ask Cheryl: How Early Can I Send a Wedding Gift?

This email was received on June 23rd from an organized wedding guest that wants to know how early she can send her wedding gift so that she has the best selection from the registry. Dear Cheryl, I am attending a wedding on December 10th. How early can I send a wedding gift? I received a save…read more

Pillowfort Bedding and Decor

After the Baby Registry- Toddler Must Haves

Remember researching your baby’s registry? Scrolling through 10,000 Amazon reviews to find the perfect pack and play? Stopping random moms at the grocery store to inquire about their baby carrier? Test driving strollers with your husband at the baby store? The months have gone by in a flash, and the baby who once loved lounging…read more

Wedding Registry Entertaining Essentials

Entertaining Essentials: Top 15 Pieces to add to Your Wedding Gift Registry

Now that you’re engaged, you’ve probably started planning the most important party of your life- your wedding! And while you’re preoccupied with selecting dresses, flowers, music, cake and more, you’re most likely not thinking about all the other occasions you’ll be hosting in the future. Once the honeymoon is over and you’ve settled into wedded…read more

Greece Honeymoon

Top 10 Honeymoon Destinations of 2016

You’ve been making wedding decisions for months—from selecting invitations and trying on endless dress options, to choosing flower arrangements and picking ceremony music. So we get it if you’re experiencing “decision fatigue:” the thought of planning your honeymoon on top of everything else sounds daunting! We’re here to help! We asked our friends at Honeyfund,…read more

Marry me

Celebrity Watch: Superstar Athletes, Supersized Bling, and Super Cute Babies!

Professional athletes dream of the day they’ll earn their championship rings, but in our opinion, their wedding rings symbolize an even greater accomplishment! Summertime is the off-season for sports but prime time for weddings—so enjoy this “highlight reel” of superstar athletes’ special days! Weddings: Derek Jeter and Hannah Davis: The Yankee Legend Hits a Homerun!…read more

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Say Hello to our Newest Partner: Zola

At, we love to shop, gift, entertain, and thrive on an adventurous lifestyle full of making memories that leave smiles for years to come. That’s why when we came across Zola; it was love at first click. We knew that we had to partner up. I guess you could say (like many couples today)……read more

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Rise and Shine: A Simple and Healthy Brunch Baby Shower Menu

There’s nothing sweeter than celebrating a mommy-to-be and her baby on the way. And while the celebration should always be sweet, sometimes we crave a menu that isn’t so sugary! I’ve faced a calendar full of showers recently, and I’ve come to expect the temptation of rich appetizers, sugary drinks, and decadent desserts. But when…read more