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Ask Cheryl: Etiquette of a Workplace Wedding Shower

In today’s AskCheryl post, a reader wants to know if it’s appropriate for the bride’s boss to give her a bridal shower and invite the bride’s co-workers that were not invited to the wedding. Hello Cheryl, I have a question for you. One of the young women at my office is getting married in June and our…read more

Finding the Perfect Bridesmaid Gift

A thoughtful bridesmaid gift should be both a wedding remembrance and an expression of gratitude for your bridesmaids’ time and efforts. After all, these ladies have done so much for you. They’ve helped you plan your big day, watched you try on your gown, helped pick the flowers, and wear whatever dress you picked out…read more

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Best Dressed Guest: What to Wear to a Summer Wedding

Want to be one of the best dressed guests at an upcoming wedding? Whether you’re attending a ballroom or a beach wedding, we’ve gathered a collection of event-appropriate looks ready to wow this summer’s wedding circuit. While trends come and go, there still are a few dress code rules when it comes to picking out…read more

Ask Cheryl: Asking Wedding Guests to Pay for the Reception

In this week’s Ask Cheryl question, our reader wants to know if her friend (who’s getting married) should think twice about inviting her wedding guests to a restaurant after the ceremony and expecting them to pay the tab. Hi Cheryl, A dear friend of mine is getting married for the third time and it’s the groom’s second marriage. They…read more

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Celebrity Sightings: Babies and Bling

Celebrations never go out of style! Celebrity Watch stays on top of joyous occasions with our favorite celebrities. Here’s what’s trending in celebrity babies and brides for May 2016. Babies and (sparkling engagement) bling are the hot topics in this month’s addition of Celebrity Watch. We just can’t get enough of the adorable babies…read more

Now Trending: Co-ed Wedding Showers

Celebrating upcoming nuptials is an age-old tradition, typically involving an all-girls bridal shower. However, as men have become more involved with the events surrounding the wedding, more and more women are letting the men in on the traditional “girls only” bridal shower and instead having a co-ed wedding shower. Although we aren’t sure if co-ed…read more

AskCheryl: Should the Mother-of-the-Groom Host a Bridal Shower?

In this week’s AskCheryl question, our mother of the groom wants to know if it’s her responsibility to host a bridal shower for her future daughter-in-law. Hi Cheryl, I saw your email after googling bridal shower etiquette and wanted ask you a question. I am the mother of the groom and would like to know if throwing…read more

Healthy Kitchen Wedding Gift Registry

Create a Healthy Kitchen Wedding Gift Registry

You’re about to start your new life with your beloved – make it a healthy one! Ensure that you’re setting yourself and your new family up with the tools for a healthy kitchen. We turned to Bed Bath & Beyond® to compile this list of healthy items to add to your wedding gift registry. We…read more

Finding the Perfect Mother of the Bride (or Groom) Dress

Hey, ladies…. Oh course, you want to look terrific on the day your child gets married – it’s true all eyes will be on the bride, but they’ll also be on you. Long gone are the days that the mother of the bride and mother of the groom need to wear matronly boring dresses. Nowadays,…read more

AskCheryl: What to do with Unwanted Wedding Gifts?

In this week’s AskCheryl question, our bride and groom have established lives and don’t want wedding gifts. A conflict has arisen on how to handle any gifts that they do receive. Hi Cheryl, My fiancé and I are getting married in July. We are 45 and 51 years old. This is his first marriage but…read more

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Unique Gift Ideas for the Grad

Graduation season is upon us and you probably have a few “extra special” people on your list that you would like to get a thoughtful gift. Here are a few fun gift ideas that we think will be a part of their memories long after graduation has come and gone. Oh the Places You’ll Go……read more

Rock-a-Bye Baby Shower

How to Bring the Party: Hip Baby Shower Themes Everyone will Enjoy

Baby showers no longer need to be bland. We say, out with the ducks and bunnies and in with a theme that suits the interest and personality of the expectant mom-to-be (and dad-to-be). Whether you’re throwing the event is for a close friend, family member, take a look at some of these clever baby shower…read more

Ask Cheryl: Baby Shower Invitation Etiquette

The reader featured in today’s post was invited to a baby shower, but feels put out because the invitation dictated what she should buy for a gift. What is the proper way to include baby registry information on a baby shower invitation? Find out below. Dear Cheryl, I have just been invited to a baby shower for the…read more

Top 6 Wedding Gift Registry Splurges from Bed Bath & Beyond®

When it comes to wedding planning, everyone loves to share their advice and opinions, am I right? Some of that information is worthwhile, and some is, well…you probably know what I mean if you’re soon-to-be married. When preparing for my wedding, I remember that some of the best advice I received came from my Aunt…read more

RegistryFinder Celebrity Wedding & Baby Watch

Find out what’s happening in the world of celebrity weddings and celebrity babies with’s Celebrity Watch. The team loves celebrity news and entertainment, especially when it comes to weddings and babies. We will share with you monthly about what’s trending in the entertainment world of engagements, weddings and babies. Here’s what is trending at…read more